Learners to see a count of questions answered/pending in QUIZ

Apr 04, 2016

I want my learners to know how many questions they have answered and how many they have left e.g. 10/20 or 10 of 20 in a Storyline 2 quiz.

Of course I would simply have numbered the questions by including a number 1,2,3... inside the question text itself, but because I have '"Randomize" option selected so that the questions are randomized/shuffled, this won't work.

Please help. Any prompt response would be greatly appreciated.

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Wendy Farmer


you could add a number variable e.g. q_num that increments as the timeline starts on each quiz question.

1. Create number variable e.g. q_num

2. Add a textbox positioned somewhere on your slide with %q_num% of 20 or %q_num%/20. Repeat on all your slides or add to your quiz slide master 

3. Create a trigger on each quiz slide  Adjust variable q_num  + value of 1 when timeline starts on quiz slide and repeat the trigger on all your quiz slides

Hope that helps

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