Learning Articulate Storyline

I'm getting really excited about what I can do with Storyline! I've just finished my second course. In the first one I used the photographics charcters. In this one I used the illustrated characters. I believe I have the states, triggers, and variables down pretty good now. In this course I wanted to take our frequently asked questions page and create interactions using dialogue to answer them. I think it turned out pretty good. I would appreciate your feedback. Here's the link to the published course: http://openbibleministries.com/03hsbapt3.php.

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John Wagner

Yes, I find the online tutorials excellent. The easiest way to get direct information is to Google the words Articulate Storyline and whatever item you want help with. Tons of stuff comes up including screeners and tutorials and people's suggestions in forums.

My intention is to create courses for our web site to take our site from a basically static read only "written article" format to an interactive learning center where people can find answers to questions and get help in their search for Pentecostal religious instruction.

Our primary purpose is to reach young United States military members with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, disciple them, help them receive the baptism with the Holy Spirit, and train them to become culturally sensitive witnesses for Jesus Christ wherever they may get sent. The online courses we develop using Articulate Storyline will enable us to accomplish our goal. The courses will be accessible by the servicemen and women anywhere they are sent, including while on board their ships at sea.

I hope that wasn't too much information.