Learning Journal from Showcase - Avoiding Meeting Missteps

May 30, 2012

Any way that you could share with us how the Learning Journal from the Storyline Showcase was put together. I like the idea of a lightbox where students/learners could enter personal notes to help enhance their learning....but how did they do this.

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Steve Flowers

Hi, Bret - 

That's pretty easy to pull off. I'm guessing this is a slide with a set of buttons that toggle open layers. Each layer contains an input field. Each input field is connected to a variable. Since variables retain their values, the input field retains the input when the layer is reopened and even when stored on the LMS. 

To take this a step further you could print out a sheet containing all of the notes using some javascript.

Dawn Ferullo

Hi Bret,

Steve is right about this being easy to pull off!  I'm going to try to put together some screenrs soon to show exactly how this was done, but in the meantime, here are the basic steps to create a learning journal like the one in Avoiding Meeting Missteps:

1. Create the learning journal home page.

2. Build individual journal layers with text-entry boxes and project variables for the text-entry boxes.

3. Create triggers on the journal home page to open the appropriate layers.

4. Create your course content slide.

5. Add a journal button to your content slides.

6. Create journal variables and triggers to your content slides so that the journal opens to the appropriate layer depending on the slide it is launched from.

Here is a screenshot from the story file so that you can get a peek at how some of the triggers were set up.

Hope this helps!  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Hopefully screenrs will follow soon   Trying to find time to pull them together!

Dawn Ferullo


Cortney Martinelli

Hello Dawn,

Thanks for listing out the steps.

I am having trouble with the second part of step 2:

2. Build individual journal layers with text-entry boxes and project variables for the text-entry boxes

How do you project the variables for the test entry boxes?

In the text entry box I inserted the reference and selected the variable and that kind of works but then it disapears when I close out of it and then open it back up. Plus it shows up as the reference before something is typed - so that's not correct either.

Would you mind providing further direction for step 2?

Thanks so much!!

Taylor Mymko

Alicia Stansbury said:

Dawn, question on the learning journal. Do you know the code or options available to have the journal saved or emailed by the learner. Anyone have any thoughts on using this feature in an LMS? Does not work on our side, need alternate ideas.



I would also like to know how this could be accomplished using an LMS. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Taylor and welcome to Heroes! 

You may want to private message Taylor or Dawn, as this thread is a bit older and I'm not certain they're still subscribed.

In the meantime, if you're looking to capture a user's text entry and report it to your LMS you'll want to use a method such as this one to report the variable to your LMS.  You'll also want to confirm with your LMS how you'll be able to pull individual user's short answers within the report set ups they offer you. 

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