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Jul 27, 2017

Hi elearrning hereos,

I am new to Storyline 2 and wanted to check if anyone would extend help and take up a small session via skype/facetime to teach me how to restrict navigation for users and create buttons in varied states for navigation. I really really need this one.

No monetary gains, just pure learning.

Any help in this area will be really appreciated.


Thanks and Regards,




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Ragini Kadam

Hi Deepak,

That is exactly what i am looking for.

All types of forced learning - through buttons on layers, through tab layers,  etc.

I am able to do the simple ones like when animations ends, audio ends and timeline ends.

But the ones where we need the users to view all the tabs, click all buttons etc.. i am no good at that one...



Ragini Kadam

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for sharing the links.

I have already seen those. I am able to do the simple restrictions like when animations ends, audio ends and timeline ends etc.

I am majorly stuck with the tabs, which have content on different layers. 

Any help with that will be highly appreciated.





Walt Hamilton

Here is a sample in SL2 that might give you some ideas.

When you have a good handle on the concepts in Navigation(Mixed), take a look at the other one. It is much more complicated, because it contains three different methods of controlling the user's ability to navigate through the material. The main difference is in how much the user is forced to see, and in what order before they can move on. One is very flexible, with almost no control over the user, and one allows the user no flexibility.

I thought it was pretty complex, so I took out part of it to make the mixed one, which is the middle of the road between the other two. 

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