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Jan 09, 2013

Hi Guys,  

Is this possible.....

Objective:  Create a  learning path that does the following.  

A student takes a pre course assessment.  Score is entered as a variable then student is assigned a level in the learning path based on score.  Only think we don;t know how to do is get the assessment score entered into variable box. 

Any thoughts?  John

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Heather Beaudoin (Steckley)

This isn't exactly what you're asking for since it's not actually using the official score results that Storyline calculates.  But I think it gives you what you want if you do the calculation yourself.  Depends how complicated your pre-assessment is.

I have to run to a meeting, so I'm going to just post this story file and see if it helps.  Using this approach, you'd have to keep track of the score in a variable throughout the assessment.  I just did a basic "greater than 0" or "less than 1" to analyze which path, but you could obviously use whatever calculation makes sense to see if they pass or fail.

I'd be interested in seeing if someone else can solve your original request using the method you requested.

Steve Flowers

Hey, John - 

I did something similar back in the beta. You'll need to setup intermediary variables to grab the quiz results. You can also do some things behind the scenes with results slides and skip over them, as I remember. This will make your quizzes appear to be a single test. 

Reporting an average score is a challenge. I have a trick for that if you have the requirement.

Kevin Thorn

Ha! Steve beat me to it. Love seeing different approaches to challenges. Although I couldn't find the one I built back then so just put this together to show another approach.

I just used the existing Results.ScorePoints variable off the Next button on the Results slide. 

Pre-assessment has four (4) questions each worth 25 points. No Pass/Fail rather the results direct the learner down a path based on their score.

  • If the learner gets less than or equal to 25 points, they go to the Beginner Path
  • If the learner gets equal to 50 points, they go to the Intermediate Path
  • If the learner gets greater than or equal to 75 points, they go to the Advanced Path.


p.s. Agree with Steve on tracking averages. Can be tricky. If there's not a need for that try and stick with an even number easy to be divisible for purposes of calculating the weighted points per question. e.g. 10 questions at 10 pts each = 100 points, 4 questions at 25 pts = 100 points , 5 questions at 20 pts each = 100 points, etc. Keep folks like me sane who don't like math

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