Learning Storyline, quiz features seem to not work. Help!

Hello forum, 

I'm trying to learn to use articulate. Seems easy to use except for quiz features, which do not seem to work. Example: 

Multiple Response questions - When answered incorrectly, I write a trigger to go back to the slide of the Multiple response quiz. When it goes, there are still boxes checked, and the unchecked boxes cannot be checked. I tried the 'reset results' when the 'continue' box comes up, but it does not reset the results, the boxes are still checked on the retake. How do you fix this? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi J J and welcome to the Heroes community!

It looks like Greg is helping you out here, and the other option to allow the user to try the question again would be to change the number of attempts as well, and the user will be presented with a "Try again" layer and allowed the try the question again: