Leave the activity and begin from the same point


I have a slide with a video and some interactivity. The duration is 5 minutes. After a shorter time I stop the lesson and leave the activity, but it is no longer possible to go back to the lesson from where I left it, so every time I've to start again from the beginning. Would there be problems with tracking?

Can anyone give me a solution?



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Steve Hazelton

Hi Christina -

I wonder if what you need is something related to what I call an Exit Loop. I use it for long videos to let someone leave the course partway through the video and then get back to the same point in the video when they return to the course. It is basically a separate slide where they leave/return (since the return slide will always start at the beginning of its timeline). See if the attached that I created for my co-workers helps out. (FYI, Healthstream is our LMS so you can ignore those references). I am in 360 so I don't know if you will have all of these settings or not.