Leaving trigger spot to show layer causes base layer to reppear

I have a trigger that when clicked cause a slide layer to appear and hide the base layer. I would like that layer to continue to display until another hotspot is clicked but upon leaving the hotspot the new layer disappears and the base layer reappears. 

I fixed this on one slide but can figure out how even when comparing it to my 16+ other slides. [it works in skip word slide but not others]. Help would be greatly appreciated - first time out with my Storyline demo and all going pretty well til this...

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Walt Hamilton


This looks really good. I like your navigational theme.

Skip word works and the others don't because each of the pictures has a trigger to show the hover layer.

See if that helps.

For what it is worth, I think your slides and layers will be much more effective with less material on them. They are pretty crowded, with a lot of material competing for attention. Generally, white space is your good if not best friend. If lots more slides and lots more menus don't appeal to you, maybe each of the 4 main sections could be made into its own mini-course. The 1.3 C A F E slide is an example attractive design, while 1.2 Main Cafe Menu may overwhelm the user to the point that they won't even try to use it.

Robin Wooten

Thanks, Walt, but I made those changes on a couple slides and still when I remove the cursor from the hover point the layer reverts back to the base layer. I must be missing something else. 

By the way, I agree about the quantity of content. Instead of a course this is actually a reference "book" holding a whole binder of info (all based on the chart on 1.2) so I was trying to weigh number of clicks with amount on the slide. Still, it could definitely be improved... 

Robin Wooten

Ahhh... Walt - you are a kind soul to spend time on this over the holiday weekend! That was it - I was focusing on the triggers as the problem and completely missed that. A bit embarrassed, but glad it was something simple. It's my 6th day with Storyline so hopefully I'll be learning faster from here on out. Now I might even be able to have this ready to surprise my daughter when she comes home on Monday - it is for her to use in her 1st grade classroom while teaching reading.

Sending you sincere and happy wishes for many blessings to be sent your way!


Robin Wooten

Alas, I have to humbly admit that this was a great project for a newbie - all triggers and layers without animations and questions. Full disclosure - I have also used Presenter before. And, yet, still I needed help... However, I would already like to say thank you for a couple of features that I am already loving - the eyedropper tool!!!! & the ability to move items by 1 pixel distances so you can get them right where you want them! As well as custom states, variety of markers, characters & ability to change characters and keep their pose & perspective. It would be very hard to go back to Presenter now...