Lesson Completion and Success Status in LMS are Re-set when Course Launched 2nd Time

When I initially launch the attached course and advance through it to record a completion and a passing score then exit, the completion and pass or fail is written to the LMS (SCORM Cloud).  When I re-launch the course the values for  completion and success status are reset to "incomplete" and "unknown" (displays on slide 1).  Then when I exit from slide 1 it resets the values in the LMS to "incomplete" and "failed". I do not want these values in the LMS to be reset.  How do I prevent them from being re-set?

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Susi B


as far as I know, this is an option in your LMS. We use Moodle, when a user passes a course and retries a quiz it saves the passed score. I think it saves always the highest points as far as I know. So maybe you should have a look into your LMS?! :D I´m not an LMS pro but I don´t know about any option about resetting the saved score in your LMS you can change in storyline.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

It looks like you attached your published output, so I can't see any of the settings you chose in terms of the completion/passing and resume elements. If you haven't allowed a user to resume a course (meaning pick up where they left off, even if they've closed out of the browser window) then they'll start the course anew. The scores are reset for that as well, and as Susi mentioned it's up to each LMS how they handle the reset or tracking of scores. From you description it sounds like you may be tracking by slides viewed and therefore if they reenter the course and only view one slide, that likely doesn't match the completion criteria. 

If you're still having difficulty with this set up or would like us to take a little bit further look, we'd want to see the .story file which you can share here in the forums using the "add attachment" button at the bottom of the reply window or you can send it along to our Support Engineers here. 

MIke Munger

Thank you both for the info provided so far.

Sorry about the lack of source code, I attached the wrong item.  Am attaching an updated source file with resume on restart set to "Always resume".  In SCORM Cloud, when I launch this version, score 100% on the first set of 3 questions, then exit it records completion and score perfectly.  When I re-launch it goes to the 1st slide VS the last slide I viewed.  What am I missing here?  You are correct, completion is based on number of slides viewed.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Mike for letting me take a look at your file. That really helped as i could see all your settings. Our team is aware of an issue where if you're using the slides viewed plus reporting as complete/incomplete and you complete the course and resume it'll take you back to the first slide of the course. This is something they're investigating, but in the interim it's an easy enough fix - you'll just want to change the reporting to "passed/incomplete" as a part of the reporting/tracking set up. 

I'll also include this report in the one filed with our team so that I can share any additional information with you here once it's available. 

MIke Munger

Ashley, I set to "passed/incomplete" which fixed the bookmark problem, but it created another problem.  Before I explain the other problem here are the LMS reporting requirements I am trying to satisfy:

1. When learner does NOT advance to a specific slide in the lesson, Completion_status remains "incomplete", no matter how many times they revisit the lesson. (works properly)

2.When learner does advance to a specific slide in the lesson, Completion_status is set to "complete", and remains that way no matter how many times they revisit the lesson. (works properly)

3. Success_status (pass or fail) is based on the score of one of two "tests".  The last test score sent to the LMS being the one stored. (does not work properly)

The problem I now have is that changing the reporting from "complete/incomplete" to "passed/incomplete" broke the Success_status reporting.  To see the problem, pass the 1st test, then fail the second.  The score will be written correctly to the LMS but a "pass" will be written VS "fail".  When reporting is set to "complete/incomplete" Success_status reporting works properly.

Updated source file (reporting set to "passed/incomplete" attached.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

Thanks for sharing that break down - you were tracking by slides viewed though, so how are you passing the score of the results slide? Is that something custom you've set up? We only support one tracking method so I wanted to make sure I was clear on your set up using the slides viewed vs. the results slide. The resume issue I mentioned is specific to that tracking method and since using the passed/incomplete is designed to pass a completion and success rate (typically a score) it should be ok using pass/incomplete as then it's only going to recognize completion upon the user visiting the required number of slides and there isn't a score associated with that. So it sounds like you'll either need to forgo the resume behavior and let the user return to the start of the course (where they should be able to proceed through it again) or not have the score written to based on those tests? 

MIke Munger

I am passing the score via javascript which is executed on each of the two results slides in the lesson. The javascript passes the scores just fine as long as reporting is set to "complete/incomplete".  I think this is because, when set to "complete/incomplete" Storyline passes Completion_status only, allowing me to control how Success_status is passed without interference from Storyline.  Following is a quote from the Articulate support site for "How to report completion status and success status to an LMS": "Many LMSs track both a completion status and a success status. To report both statuses, choose either Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed when publishing Storyline content. Completed/Incomplete and Completed/Failed report only the completion status".

You wrote: ". . . using the complete/incomplete is designed to pass a completion and success rate (typically a score)".  This seems to be in contradiction to what the support site states (complete/incomplete passes completion status only.  Will you please clarify.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hey Mike - 

Sorry, that looks like a typo on my part! I didn't do my copy and pasting right. :-) I've updated it above.

As far as the way you're passing the score, that makes more sense - but unfortunately the Javascript code and having more than one completion method being passed it outside the area I can support (and well beyond my personal expertise!). I don't know much about Javascript other than assuming it can do all the things and work magic - so maybe there is a way to add the Success_status into the code regardless of Storyline including it with that completion status? Just a guess there - otherwise I hope someone in the community is able to weigh in here. 

MIke Munger

Thanks so much for the rapid response and clarification.  I am not using multiple completion methods.  I'm using a single completion method, via slide count.  I am able to pass the success status properly but the conflict arises when Storyline passes its own success status via the "passed/incomplete" setting (which I'm forced to use as the workaround to the bookmarking problem).  At this point it is an either/or situation for me,  I can pass success correctly or have it bookmark properly, but Storyline is not allowing both.  I need to accomplish both.  Is there a way to output LMS files without any completion or success values being written by Storyline?   

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

You mentioned passing an additional element with Javascript, so that would be the multiple completion methods that is outside the standard/built in scope of Storyline. I don't know of a way to output LMS files without either completion or success status as it's likely going to involve a modification of the published output - so hopefully there is someone here in the community who can assist! 

As for the issue with the bookmarking, I will keep you posted here once I have any additional information to share from our QA team but I don't have a timeframe in regards to when I will have information to share.

margit g

Hi, at the moment I have the issue described in Mikes initial poste. 

Storyline 360 a course tracked by a result slide (no javascript manipulation). Report Status complete/incomplete and always resume.

As long as I close the course on a "normal" page the resume behaviour is as expected (continues on the same page). But when I finish the course (and visit the result slide), close the course and reopen - the course is completely resetted. It starts at the first page. Completion, Success and Score are resetted. I tested it in Scorm Cloud.

Change the settings to passed/incomplete worked. Is there a known issue with complete/incomplete and always resume in Storyline 360?

margit g

Hi Alyssa, sorry the file was set to publish as SCORM 1.2 but the bug ony is in SCORM 2004. I made further investigations.

Only SCORM 2004 and complete/incomplete or completed/failed have the bug and just if you complete the course successful.

I tested 16 different cases and just two did not work.

Alyssa Gomez

Ah, now I see Margit! You're right--the course incorrectly resumes to the first slide when using SCORM 2004 and Completed/Incomplete.

As a workaround for now, can you use Passed/Incomplete? Here's a test file using that setting. 

I really appreciate you bringing this up since it had not be reported for Storyline 360 yet. I'm sorry it's causing you headaches, and I'll post an update here as soon as I get new information!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

Thanks for your patience, and I wanted to let you know the latest update of Storyline 360, build 3.22.17236.0 fixed an issue a number of you were running into where a course would not resume after meeting the completion requirement with the following publish settings:

  • Passed/Incomplete published to SCORM 2004       
  • Passed/Failed published to SCORM 2004

It's also important to note that if you're using Completed/Incomplete or Completed/Failed, and the learner meets the completion requirement they will not resume but will start the course over. You can see this noted here with some potential solutions if you'd like the course to resume. 

Nilesh Vedpathak

I am facing some weird issue may be it relates to this issue thread. I have tested the course on SCORMCloud. I passed assessment and LMS shows me the status "SCORE is 100 %,, SUCCESS paased, Completion completed".  I exit the course and launched it again and viewed few slides and again exit then LMS Status is changed "SCORE is 100 %,, SUCCESS failed, Completion incomplete"

I have SCORM 2004 compliant course. Assessment attempts has been limited to two. I have to used the publish setting passed/failed. Client requirement is to track failed learners. Only incomplete status provides wrong data, as user might have failed, or may not even attempted assessment. 

I wont be able to change compliance to SCORM 1.2, as the suspend data limit get crossed after 100 slides and I have about 140 slides in a course. Please provide me help on this.

Nilesh Vedpathak

Thanks Lauren for your suggestions.

This issue is not related to the resume functionality. Its about changing the status.

My issue is 'Once the status is complete, passed it should not change to incomplete, failed'.

As you said LMS will consider the course in review mode. However if user does not exit the course after achieving the passing score and reviews few slides from course and exits. The course is marked as failed and surprisingly the score is above passing percent.

I am sure the same course when published with SCORM 1.2 behaves as expected, but when published to SCORM 2004 (3rd edition) we can replicate the issue. LMS is again SCORMCloud for both tests, and developed in Storyline 3.

Please let me know if there is any specific solution for SCORM 2004.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Nilesh!

I appreciate you taking the time to clarify that! 

You're right, this behavior is specific to SCORM 2004. Our engineering team has confirmed this as a bug. 

Using the Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed reporting status is the current workaround while we explore next steps. Thank you for bringing this environment to our attention, and we'll keep this discussion updated with any new information.

Nilesh Vedpathak

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for involving engineering team, we will await for the results. I hope team would be able to resolve this soon.

As of now we have negotiated client to restrict the course navigation after completion is achieved and provided a PDF that contains all course content for offline reference.