Lesson report , Time counter and automation

Jul 29, 2013

Hi all,

I would like to automatize and add some features to the hiring test I am working on.

My questions are the following:

 1. On the result slide, there is an option ''End quizz after''. I would like to know if it possible to set up the course with a trigger or a kind of automation to move users to the ''result slide(last slide)'' when time is elapsed.

2. When time is elapsed, a layer appears to advise users that the test is over. Is it possible to modify the text content and graphic?

3. Is it possible to modify the lesson report layout. I do not want to review it after on Excel but reorganize the columns and content in Storyline.

4. Is it possible to submit the lesson report automatically to an email without enabling the ''allow user to print'' option. I do not want candidates to copy and paste it into an email. 

5. When I activate the trigger ''send to email'', it works only I am using a email software (outlook, live essentials,...). Is that feature working with gmail website? 

Thanks for your help.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Vincent! 

I'm assuming you are speaking to this timer:

When the time elapses, a pop up box appears to alert you, which is what you ask about next...

Here is a tutorial on how to modify those text boxes.

I'm not sure what your question is for #3, and if you could, elaborate on that one for me.

You do not have to enable 'allow user to print', but just be aware of these e-mail issues because it is looking for a program such as Outlook.

I hope that this helps you, just let me know about the question I did not understand.

Vincent Carabotta

Hi Leslie,

Yes, I am talking about that timer. I wanted to know if we can link a trigger or something that would move the candidate automatically to the last slide when time is elapsed.

Regarding point 3, I would like to modify the report that is generated by Storyline when the test is over and that opens in a webpage. But I would like to modify the way that columns and lines are displayed.

Is it possible to automatically send the report to the instruction without any kind of intervention from the candidate. For example, when time is elapsed, the report is automatically send to my email or on the LMS platform.


Leslie McKerchie


Unfortunately, there are not a standard/supported ways to do any of the things you just asked.

I will say that others in the community (example) have wanted a timer to function as you're asking as well, and I do think that it would make a great feature request.  

As far as the report goes, I'm assuming that you are talking about the 'print results' page? We do not support editing for this, but you may be able to find assistance within the community where others have done various things as shown in this thread.

As for when to send the report,  I think that this is very similar to what you want with your first question, but I cannot speak to what your LMS may or may not be able to do with what you are wanting.

I think I covered your questions this time, hope that helps.  

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