Mar 06, 2013

Hello, fellows.

May be you can help me. I published a two scenes course just now and uploaded it to my LMS. I thought those two scenes were going to be two lessons, but they were not.

How do I set lessons in Storyline?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Javier!

Storyline will only publish one course at a time, and the scenes you have within your course will be included as one course. Scenes are really just a way to help you organize which slides belong together while you work on the course.

You will have to separate the different scenes in your course if you wish to publish them separately. The easiest way to do that is to import the different scenes into a new .story file, then either break the link to them from within your original file, or delete them completely. Then you can re-publish each project individually to give yourself multiple lessons. 

I hope that makes sense

Javier Mosquera

So, this is how I see a classic course in my LMS:

(No Intentado=Not Attempted; Completo=Completed; Aprobado=Approved)

To achieve this, you are pointing out that every storyline file would be -in fact- a lesson?

If so, I know I can publish them separately, but once I do that, how can I upload them all, to my LMS, in one unique zip file?

I don't think I am quite understanding, sorry. Can you try to explain that in some other way? Please.

Thanks, Pete.

Javier Mosquera

Oh, thanks, I will see the article, but I just want to make clear that what I showed is not a multtiple course.

Is just a course. With lessons. May be I don't know how to say that in proper english. It was developed with Lectora. Every lesson you see in that picture, is an "Assignable Unit", or a "SCO", if you will (which is what the article talks about, as I can see while I post this).

OK, I will keep on my own using SCORM Packager for now. I thought every authoring tool used SCO's.

Thanks for the article!

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