Let users draw a shape themselves: possible?

Hi Storyline users

I just bought Storyline after using Studio for more than a year. I watched a lot of tutorials and samples and I'm about to develop my first course once I complete the storyboard. I have a naive question: Is it possible to let the users draw something like we do in Flash, and let them compare to a model later?

I would like them to draw an ECG graph (heart beat) to scale. So of course I could do a drag and drop where they would choose from different sizes and shapes of lines but it's a lot of work. Is there a way to let them draw something freely?

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Helene,

I don't believe you can do this in Storyline, but you can include such functionality.

At this point, I think this can only be done through an external script via web object.

Here's a good starting point : http://www.jquery4u.com/plugins/10-jquery-drawing-plugins/

Hope it helps,

Helene Caura

@ Phil: a dot to dot doesn't let them demonstrate they can do it, it is just following a lead. I would like them to think hard!

@ Alexandros: thank you, I had a look at the plugins and the only one that looked like the one I could have used (scracth pad) is under development and not available. 

Maybe the easiest solution is to ask them to print the paper, take a pen and draw!

Helene Caura

Hey lms01 lms01, thanks for reminding me that I was supposed to post my final file. Here is what I have done:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20246908/Reveal_Shape%20output/story_html5.html

It's more a click to reveal than a free drawing, but it serves my purpose well. If you don't know the shape of the heart beat it takes some time to draw it. 

Let me know your feedback and how I could have improved it.

I could ask the learners to print the paper, draw the shape and by transparency compare it on the screen to a model too, but they would need a printer to have the correctly scaled paper.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Patty!

This thread is a bit dated, but I took a look at the file and I'm not sure what we are supposed to be seeing there. It does seem like something may be missing.

You are welcome to reach out to Helene directly in case she is no longer subscribed to the thread. Just click on her user profile and use the 'Contact Me' link. Perhaps she will be able to assist.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Joseph,

I've seen users suggest embedding a web object that does the activity you'd wish to have previously and it looks like Alex shared something similar above as well.

You mention that you would like to see this feature and I would invite you to share your idea, vision, and use case with our team here.