Lettered bullet list >15pt :hover glitch

Im am creating bulleted list menu items and need to use lowercase a,b,c,d items with 16pt font size.

I have an issue with the builting hover effect, its spliting the hover state over longer items that wrap to new lines or multiple lines as can be seen in my attached story example file. gives the end user the impression the one link is multiple links.

The builting hover effect appears to work as intended when using standard bullets, numbers and uppercase letters - the main issue arrises when I changes the lettered list to lower case list items and the font size is increased over 15pt - and I required 16pt font sized items.

I have tried creating a new hover state for each item and this does circumvent the issue arrising, however due to the way I code my links/layers and variables I need to 'group' my list items and the hover affect then hovers all list items and not the individual list items.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lee, 

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing in your project file.

I previewed the slide that you shared and was able to see the behavior on the item you marked in the bottom right corner of the slide.

I then adjusted the top right, with the lower case setting, to font size 16 and could not replicate the issue. I also added a couple of text boxes on the first slide, which was blank, and cannot replicate the issue either.

Would you be able to share the steps to replicate? I'd be happy to take another look.

Lee Nielsen

Hi Leslie,

Thank you for taking a look - in my example I am using the 'lowercase letters with the punctuation mark' as opposed to the 'lowercase letters with the right / closing parenthesis' positioned after the bulleted letter, I noted after viewing your working example, I'm now leaning towards the built-in punctuation mark as causing it to break hover over multiple lines.

I really need this style:

not this:


Story file updated with more defined bug and a Video screen grab of where it fails.

Katie Riggio

Tuesday morning news for you, Lee! 🗞

Storyline 360 Update 46 is here: You can now define styles for hyperlink states (normal, hover, active, and visited) to give courses a consistent design and provide clear visual distinction for learners with low vision. 

  1. Learn more about hyperlink states
  2. Tour the release notes
  3. Follow these steps to experience the latest enhancements