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Crystal Horn

Hey Christian.  That's really bizarre!  I would want to know:  Are you working on your local c: drive (saving and publishing there)?  What sort of font are you using?  And also, after you publish, how do you view your project?  Just to rule anything out, you'll want to be sure that you're viewing it on the web if it's published for web, on an LMS if published that way, etc.

Would you like to share your .story file with us for testing?  We'd be happy to take a look.  You can attach it here in your reply.

Christian Brandt

Hi Crystal,

sorry, I can´t share this project for everyone as it has been programmed for a big international company. But it would be great, if someONE could take a look at it. The project file is 150 MB and was published both for web (tested in firefox & i-expl.) and LMS (not tested). The font is a special company font which works fine on other computers (i wonder if the font is published inside the package).

It was published from a network drive into a network drife first - but i have the same effect publishing it locally. This is my second project. The first one was much bigger - whith no problems at all. I have looked through everything and the translation export is clean of this overlapping "Y"s. I have no clue. This is so frustrating!

Crystal Horn

Christian, I'm going to reply to you via our case in just a moment.  I published your project for web and was able to have it view properly in Flash, HTML5 and Articulate Mobile Player outputs.  I'm sort of wondering if originally using the network drive broke something within the project.  In any event, I'll send you back my output to see if you can test and possibly use that version.

Christian Brandt

Hi again, I solved it.

I deleted text in the affected textfields leaving only two words, exported that project with no problem and then typed in the text by hand (word by word), as copy and paste from the original cut-out text from a txt-editor gave me the same result as before...

The last published project was fine: No overlapping letters at all! FINALLY!!

I wonder if it had to do with original text-formattings as this project was designed in PowerPoint...

Thank you all for your ideas!