Letters changing in quiz review, how to fix it


I have very specific problem and I need to find a way how could be fix it.

There is quiz question fill in the bank, where correct answer for textfield is for example " živiny" everything is set up correctly, but when quiz -user click on button-review quiz on result slide, for this specific slide with fill in the bank there is for correct answer word: "ďiviny" although correct answer is still  " živiny" . So for some reason articulate somehow automatic always change this specific letter "ž"  to letter "ď" (quiz is in slovak language).

Waiting for ideas..

Thanks a lot.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Katarina!

Are you utilizing Storyline 1 with the latest update, which is now Update 8?

We had an issue before that was corrected in an update:

If the correct response to a fill-in-the-blank question requires special characters (such as Danish characters æ, å, and ø) or diacritical marks (such as accents (ó), umlauts (ö), and tildes (õ)), you may find that the question gets marked wrong even if the learner uses the proper character or mark.