Letting users know how many questions they have answered so far

Oct 27, 2016

Hi all,

I'm building an interactive e-learning quiz where users have to find 20 hotspots within an image on a slide.

Each hotspot triggers a quiz question and once submitted they return to the main slide with all the hotspots. 

I would really like the users to be able to see how many questions they have answered so far.  (In a text box below the image)

I've been unsuccessful so far looking through previous discussions. I've used:

`You have answered %Results.ScorePoints% of 20 questions correctly ' 

But I don't actually want to show them how many questions they've got right, I want to show them how many questions they've attempted (So they know to search for another hotspot in the image).

A colleague mentioned I might need to use variables? 

Would love  a bit of help on this,




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Dave Cox

Hi Jonny,

Yes, the correct answer is going to be variables. Create a number variable that you can use to count each attempt and each correct answer. The create a trigger for each time an answer is attempted to increment the attempts variable. Create another trigger for each question that triggers when the correct answer it triggered to increment the correct answers variable, or create a trigger that calculates the number of correct answers have been selected to display the number answers selected. How you do this really depends on your project design, and how you track your correct answers. The use a statement like you have above to display your results on the slide.

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