Level 2A Accessibility

A potential client wants to make sure that we can meet all the accessibility requirements at Level 2A with Storyline. Help! I have a table from eLearning Heroes that discusses the various features AS2 has related to accessibility requirements - it's attached. Is there anyone who could tell me definitively whether or not we would meet Level 2A requirements if we included all of these features? 

The potential client says that they want to use "Alt text", which still is rather vague. Any specific guidance you can provide would be really helpful. Thanks.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Sue -- Thanks so much for your question! While I am certainly not an expert on accessibility, I wanted to share this post, as you may find the resources offered to be of some assistance. Hopefully, others in the community who are more knowledgeable on Level 2A Accessibility can weigh in with their thoughts, as well. :)