Level 4. Simulation and game-based learning

Feb 07, 2017

I receive more client requests as of late regarding providing a higher level of interactive simulation and game-based E-learning, or as some call it "Level 4 interactivity".

Right now our design team's expertise is limited to the interactivity provided within storyline 360 (click drag, triggers, sliders, variables, etc.)

Does anyone have experience incorporating gaming technology into their Storyline workflow? I'd imagine it would require designing a game in Unity or Unreal engine, then inserting as a web object, but I'm sure this is only scratching the surface of the complexity of the process.  So yeah, any advice from successful 'level 4 interactivity' implementers?

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Richard Hill

WebObjects are like html frames.  You'll need a javascript bridge to whatever is in the window( Unity, etc) unless of course you don't need data.   I've taken Storyline about as far as it can go with HEROLAND. But it sounds like your looking for FPS realism.  Either way it's a pretty tough nut to crack.  Hopefully someone else might chime in on this one.

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