Levels of a Building

Hi all! I'm starting a project where the user is facing a bank of buttons in an elevator, each to represent a floor or department in our head office. The idea is that they would press a button say for Level 2 or Education and arrive on the 2nd floor to be greeted by an ambassador for that level. Level 3 would perhaps be finance with a different ambassador and look to the floor. Looking for suggestions as to how to build it with a nice clean interface. My initial thinking is having each button on the elevator panel trigger a layer that is named that particular department or floor - does this seems the most logical way to maneuver through this scenario? Thank heroes.

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Walt Hamilton

It seems like a great ides. My one thought is that maybe layers are not going to do it for you. If you have more than about 1 picture, or 20 words, you can't get all that on one layer, and if you start multiplying l;ayers, it can get awful crowded and complex.

For each department, I would jump to a new slide. That way, you can added different views, materials, and interactions. Then go back to the main slide to get on the elevator and go to a different floor.