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May 06, 2014

I don't believe Storyline has the ability to hide/show the Menu Navigation pane.  I don't want the menu on the screen, but would love the ability to have a user view it on demand (sort of like a TOC with jumps).  Maybe this feature is in Storyline, and if so, that would be optimum.  If not, I wondered if a Lightbox slide could function the same.  In other words we build the TOC on a slide, then link to it as a LIGHTBOX slide (TAB on the top) so users can view the full contents of the module at a glance - but also use the LIGHTBOX slide to jump to any place in the course.  Has anyone done this - or is there a better way?

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Justin M

You can remove the menu on the player from the side of the screen and move it to the top bar as just a link.  That way it's available if a user needs it, but it's not taking up real estate on your screen when not needed.  You'll need to open the player properties and look in the player tabs.  Click on "Menu" and use the arrows to move it out of the sidebar and up to the top bar (right or left side).  Hope this is what you wanted.

Joe Dey

Hi Susan

Storyline can do all the things that you mention.  I probably would not place the menu onto a light box since there is the potential for your clients to open subsequent slides in the same light box which is probably not what you want.  Depends how you set up your triggers.

I have hobbled together a small template with three example menu implementations.

1.  Use the built in menu placing it in the top bar 9 Click on Menu at top right.

2.  A built in menu placed onto two layers on each slide you want the menu (Select the Menu TAB).

3.  A quick menu placed onto a single slide which can be used a slide or a lightbox (uses 2 layers).

Triggers are as shown.

I have also placed my Journal slide which I use to allow students to make in course notes that can be printed by emailing them to themselves.  I have a version that can be printed directly from the course but I have not enclosed it here.

Hope you find these of use.


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