Light box issue

Jun 17, 2020

Hello I need help!!! the red x in the light box does not work. I have it in the HELP in the player.  It also shows up twice in some of my screens, however none will allow me to exit or move beyond the page. What am I doing wrong? I am going to attach the slide since it's urgent. I appreciate your assistance.

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Tracy Parish

For slide 1.4 - you have a trigger on the Slide Master that is set to change the slide to a lightbox.  I'm unsure why that is there.

You also have on your Player Tab the ACTION set to change it to a LIghtbox slide.  Here is where you are getting the "duplication" and the double red X.  If you remove it from the slide master, keep it in the player tab the double x goes away (you will be left with one) and you will remove the "loading" icon to keep swirling on the screen.

Let me know if that doesn't make sense.

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