Light box slide & Close button

Sep 03, 2012

Sorry, if someone have already answered my question before..

  • Is it possible to change the size of the light box slide?
  • Is it possible to delete or edit the default close button that appears when a light box slide is opening?
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Bruce Graham

Gerry Wasiluk said:

One option--you can add your custom button to the lightbox slide itself that will close it. 

You can even have a series of related lightbox slides with their own custom navigation.

...but you still retain the "X", right?

Not sure visually (from a design perspective) that I would want to do this.

It would be great to have lightboxes just as a "subset" of normal slide behaviour, retaining all the normal expected features and functionality, just being smaller and colour washed.

Would be great if they could also have their dimensions set - being able to select a long, thin lightbox would be wonderful if mixed with some zoom functionality...


Gerry Wasiluk

YMMV, but I don't mind--for now--having the small "X" for closing the window, but some more options would be great, I agree.

Of course the trick of creating your own lightbox slide with a layer is great--or using another slide to do that, if the lightbox will always be just accessible from the same slide.  Make a copy of the original slide's background and then paste it on your "quasi-lightbox slide" and then do what you need to do.

Bruce Graham

Do not disagree, however, having now seen / imagined what is possible, I would like that Lightboxes, (rather than being a "feature" per se) were brought back into the fold, and just became one of the ways that you can display a "normal" slide.

That would significantly expand the options, and allow (for example) for a course to contain many variably dimensioned sections, which could be an extremely powerful product differentiator.