Hi all,

Think I might be going nuts. Was reading about the lightbox in a forum, I thought, but do you think I can find that thread now. I put lightbox in the search but nothing comes up. My issue seemed to be the same as some others in that when I move to the next scene the lightbox stays on. The other issue is the red cross at the top right. I thought that by not clicking the navigation box that the red cross would not show., still does.

Any assistance appreciated.



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blair parkin

Hi Lawrie

There are a couple of different ways to tackle lightboxes. If you use navigation controls then the lightbox will stay "on" until it is told to be closed, so you will need to add a trigger in to the specific slide to tell it to close, or you could have no Next button on the last slide and then the user would have to use the red X to close the lightbox.

Also the tick box for navigation controls is only for the next/prev buttons at the bottom. If you don't want the red x then you will need to create your own lightboxes using layers.

Attached is a file with a couple examples of lightbox use