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Maggie Brashear

The lightbox is to give the learner an update on a rolling score based on points earned in that scene before moving to the next scene.

The trigger is Lightbox (slidename) when user click the next button with a condition that the media is complete (set by a variable)

Once the lightbox is viewed I want it to go directly to the next scene when closed or if closed and next clicks to next scene.

I think that also answers the last question - Thanks

El Burgaluva

Hi, Maggie

If I understand correctly...

It sounds as if your Scoreboard (i.e. Lightbox) slide "sits outside" the general flow of your lesson. This makes sense because the learner might want an update on their score at any point in the game/lesson and this way you can link to it from anywhere.

Regarding the [x] button on the lightbox... I'm pretty sure there's no control over that. It always takes you back to the slide you were viewing previously. I've been meaning to submit a Feature Request for that. I'll do it now.; you should too. (I think I've seen other people asking about this on the forum as well.)

Regarding the auto-advance... you could put a set of triggers on the Lightbox slide as follows:

Jump to Slide #XXX when timeline ends IF variable:media1 is equal to True

Jump to Slide #YYY when timeline ends IF variable:media2 is equal to True

Jump to Slide #ZZZ when timeline ends IF variable:media3 is equal to True

 And then just make sure the timeline length of the Lightbox slide is long enough to read the score but not so long that the learner is "tempted" to click on the [X].

Hope that helps,


El Burgaluva

P.S. Instead of auto-advancing the Lightbox/Scoreboard slide, you might want to put a big, obvious [NEXT] button on it to "distract" learners from the [x].

Then simply add the same kind of conditional triggers to the NEXT button:

Jump to Slide XXX when user clicks [NEXT] IF variable:media1 is equal to True

et cetera

Bruce Graham

I would just do this by triggering the lightbox through a custom "Review your score" button.

Close it using the "X".

Use "Next" to advance.

Alternatively just create a "normal" slide that LOOKS like a lightbox if you want something visually different which is controlled by normal Triggers/Variables etc.