LIGHTBOX has a mind of its own!

I am sure this is my lack of basic experience with SL2 but here is what is happening.

I have a lightbox which is launched from a button on a slide layer.

When I preview the project, the lightbox opens automatically as soon as the slide layer is invoked  (I want it to be opened by the button).  If I close the lightbox, it can be opened again by using the button I have placed on the slide layer.

I cannot see any reason why the lightbox thinks it should play as soon as the layer is opened ... it is either possessed, or I am doing something wrong.

Any thoughts good people??

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Martin Dean

Walt - once again thank you for coming to the rescue!

A version  of the file is attached and here are some notes about what should be happening:

The slide layer (PRED01) is triggered by the top left hotspot on the main screen
The slide layer has a button on it which is intended to open the lightbox (a series of slides in 'untitled scene')

What actually happens is the lightbox starts as soon as the slide layer opens and if you close it, it opens and closes quite happily.

I would really appreciate your help.

Many thanks


Walt Hamilton

This happens to me when I create a trigger, and preview it and it doesn't work, so I go back and select the button and create a trigger, not realizing the the first time I created one when nothing was selected, so it was created on the layer. The second time, the button is selected, and it ends up attached to the button. I think it didn't do anything the first time, but it did, and now I have two triggers, one of which is where I want it :)