Lightbox is pausing slide

I am using "Player Tabs" (the links that you can add in the top of the Player Skin) in my project. When you click on one of these Links it opens up a slide in a Lightbox.

Problem: if I have an animation on a slide, and I click on the Player Tab link mid-animation to open the lightbox slide, when I close the lightbox slide, instead of resuming the animation on the slide, it stays paused and wont restart.

Has anyone else encountered this or have a solution?

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Jill Freeman

Peter or Nicole, is there a solution or a workaround to this issue? I have developed a course to be used on mobile devices (therefore, HTML5). The user clicks a button to trigger playing the audio (which is on layer 1) and the button also triggers the animated slide elements on layer 2 to play. This way the animation on layer 2 is synced with the audio they triggered when the button was clicked.  

While the slide is playing, if the user clicks the Player Tab link to view the lightbox, then closes the lightbox with red "x", the slide that was playing does not resume.

Is there a variable I can add to cause the slide underneath to automatically start where it left off? Thanks.

Robert Noska

Has there been any resolution to this issue?  It appears I am having the same result.  The unusual thing is it is happening only on one slide in the project.  I tried duplicating the slide and deleting the original, but it still pauses.  It only seems to be pausing on the 2 sub layers, not the main slide itself.  Any suggestions?