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I'm trying to make a "Topics" menu, which I want as a "player tab" (see screenshots attached), instead of using the typical menu running along the side of the course.  I want the "Topics" menu to be a lightbox so that when a user clicks the link, the menu opens in a lightbox. 

The issue I'm having is that when I select a page in the course from this menu, it opens the page content IN the lightbox. I just want it to jump to the course page, not open in the same lightbox. Anyone else have this issue?  Can I make this work or will it only open up the pages within the lightbox?  Screen shots attached.

Thank you!

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Hassan Altaf Qazi

Hey Brooke!

You need to add a triger on the slide where actually this object i.e. objectives is placed....Add the following trigger on that slide

Action : close lightbox

When: User Clicks

Object : (Select the object u r displaying in menu which here is objectives.)

Note: Place this trigger before jump to slide trigger.

I am attaching a file for ur reference.