Lightbox on the iPad...scrolling panel not working correctly

Jul 12, 2012

I am noticing what I think is a bug, but I wanted to post here before submitting it. 

I am running a course on an iPad, using the HTML5 version. I am using the lightbox feature as follows:

- Touch an image and the lightbox slide appears.

- The lightbox slide has a scrolling panel with a full page (portrait) document in it. 

It works great on first attempt. However...when I close the lightbox and return to the base screen and then launch the lightbox no longer scrolls.

Anyone seen this before? Anyone have any ideas?


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Lisa Whalen

I just ran into a scrolling panel quirk as well.  I have a course where the user clicks on an image to show a layer.  That layer has a scrolling panel.  The first time, it scrolls all over the place, horizontal and vertical, even though it should only scroll vertically.  It also does not reach the bottom.

Then, when you close out of that and go back in.  It scrolls just fine (most times).  Although, I noticed that sometimes the scroll no longer works either.

Is this just an HTML 5 on the iPad thing for scrolling panels?  It works perfectly from my laptop.  However, our reps will be using their iPads, so I need a workable solution.

It is also very slow and tedious to use that scroll panel during the design process.  The more items you add the more it "stutters" and slows down while trying to drag items in and arrange them.  It would have been much easier to have been able to just insert a whole document and allow it to scroll.

Unfortunately, I cannot upload my files because they are proprietary.

Lisa Whalen

I did notice that if I tapped the refresh in the seekbar, it did scroll properly. 

But I cannot have it work this way.  It needs to work properly the first time it loads.  My audience is highly motivated, extremely busy, over the top ADHD sales reps.  Waiting even a couple of seconds will prompt them to close it and say it doesn't work.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  I would try just doing this in another slide, but I fear the scrolling issues would still be there.

Lisa Whalen

As I mentioned above, unfortunately I cannot as the contents are proprietary and against company policy to upload anywhere but approved locations.

It might be that even though all fit in the scroll box, it looked like some of the text boxes were outside the scroll panel boundaries.  I have 7 groups of objects in that panel, and it wouldn't let me grab just those outside the border to resize.  So, I ended up doing it all over and on a separate slide instead.  I am about to test that to see if it works now.

Lisa Whalen

I understand.  I did get it to work smoothly when I re-did it on a new slide and ensured that all borders were clearly within the scrolling panel borders.  Perhaps it was something to do with the browser, where Firefox automatically ensures all is within the frame but Mobile Safari on the iPad does not?

I will fiddle with the original setup I had sometime to ensure that was the issue.

Thank you for your quick reply!  I love these forums!

Geoffrey Allan

I'm having a problem getting a scrolling panel to work on a layer. I insert the scrolling panel and then I add a blue box shape with information on it. All appears OK until I select preview. It then comes up showing the scrolling panel with the blue box but no information. I've tried it a couple of times with the same result. Can't quite see what I could be doing wrong. I've also tried it using a text box but with the same result.

Geoffrey Allan

Thanks but I sorted it out today. I was inserting a text box into the scrolling panel, and then entering text. I found that if I moved the finished text out of the panel and then back in it was properly inserted. Before it was just siting on top!

I join the plea for the ability to add colour to the scroll bar.

 It's such a pale colour it's barely visible on screen.

Keith Dykes

Hi Guys,

I recently had this problem to. I'm working in layers and I have a scroll panel that allows the user to scroll down a (fake) newspaper. I have been testing this all week and  I needed to make sure the HTML 5 version was working. The scroll panel does not appear or allow me to scroll on the iPad air, but does appear and allow me to scroll on IE/Chrome on my desktop (I still need to test this on our galaxy tab 2.)

We don't build using the Mobile player (we have had issues with videos on it) its just a standard HTML 5 output, have you guys ever had a similar problem?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Keith,

Are you using the two finger scroll method described here? Also the scrolling panel itself wont' show up until you begin scrolling. This is currently by design but if you'd like to see a different behavior it would be helpful if you submitted a feature request. 

In regards to your Galaxy tab, although your content may work on some Android devices we do not officially support Android devices or browsers. Click here to review the system requirements for authoring and viewing Storyline content.

If you'd like to see official support for a particular mobile device, we welcome your feature requests.

Keith Dykes

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for that, sorry the reply seemed to drop into my spam mail.

We didn't know about the 2 finger scroll method, I'm glad that solves the iPad problem, it was becoming an issue, as we use scroll areas for our audio script, T&C and some interactions. I will have another look at the galaxy this week. 

We have made some massive leaps in what we have been able to do in recent times (which much help from the people on the forums), so I think we will have a fairly solid player soon.

Roxy Diolazo

I'm getting this issue as well. I see that this post was 7 years ago, but it seems like it's still not fixed? I tried the following workarounds (see below) but none of them worked:

  • Placed the scroll panel at the top of the timeline
  • Placed the scroll panel in the base/master slide instead of in the slide layer

Any advice on this would be great. Thanks!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Roxy!

I'd love to help!

I just tested this out on my end using iOS 13.5.1 and Storyline 360 Update 40 (Build 3.40.22208.0). I'm not seeing any issues with the scrolling panel. 

Here's what it looks like on my end.

Let's start with a few questions:

  • Would you mind sharing which iOS version you're using? 
  • Which version of Storyline are you using?

I'm happy to take a look at your story file! You can either attach it to this discussion using the Add Attachment button, or you can share it using this private upload link. Either way, I'll take a look and share my findings!

Roxy Diolazo

Hey Lauren,

Thanks for replying. I'm just using a desktop (Windows 10 Pro) and I currently have the Storyline 360 v3.40.22208.0.

I'm afraid I can't share the actual file with you because of client confidentiality but what I have is a slide with a scroll panel. On the same slide, but outside of the scroll panel, is a text entry field. (I'm not sure if that's an important detail, but that's the only difference with the other slides that have scroll panel but they are working just fine.)

When I first visit the slide, I'd be able to click and drag the scroll bar. But upon revisiting the slide, I cannot click and drag anymore. It only allows me to click the top and bottom part of the bar so it will go up and down.

Initially, the scroll panel is on a different layer. I played around with the resume properties but it's the same. I tried a workaround that someone suggested to put the scroll panel on the base/main layer. I did that and it's still the same. I also put the scroll panel at the top of the timeline and it's still the same.

Kindly advise. Thank you!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Roxy,

I tried to create an example based on your description since you cannot share your file, but I'm unable to replicate the behavior.

Could you take a look at my published sample here and let me know if you're seeing the same behavior?

I'm attaching the file as well if you'd like to make any edits to have it line up to what you've created.

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