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Brian Allen

Seems like an issue with losing focus after the first keypress.  If you change the trigger to a click trigger, such as clicking on the hotspot, you can launch the lightbox repeatedly.

I tried adding a variable, toggling the value of the variable with a keypress, and showing the lightbox on variable change.  This works, but ONLY if you first click the course window before each keypress.

So, press Z, close lightbox, click in course window, press Z again. (file attached)

Brian Allen
Michael Shannon

Brian's solution is as close as you can get

Unfortunately I don't see what I did as being a solution, just a troubleshooting step to verify that it is the loss of focus preventing the keypress trigger from working.  I believe in a real world scenario that a solution like this would be too unintuitive to be of any use...

If there is indeed a focus issue with keypress triggers, and it sounds like there is from the post that Michael shared, then your best bet is going to be using a click or tap rather than a keypress, unfortunately.