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Hannah Hawkins

Hi Doreen,

Yes - all you need to do is add a slide trigger to open the lightbox slide when the timeline starts. If you wanted the lightbox to automatically close after X secs you can add a slide trigger (on the lightbox slide itself) to close the lightbox when the timeline ends.

Hope that helps!

Mike Enders


The answer is "you bet!".

Here's what I'd do.

1. Create a True/False variable. I like to set mine to "false" at the start. I think "has the layer been triggered, true or false?"  So at the start, the answer is false.

2. Add a condition to your show layer trigger.  So basically, show layer when timeline starts IF your variable is equal to False.

3. Add a trigger right AFTER the show layer trigger that says "adjust variable (your variable) to True when the timeline starts.   

Now, when the learner returns to this slide, the variable will be "true", so the layer won't show again since it needs the variable to be "false".

Let me know if you get stuck...I can mock up a quick slide for you!



Nancy Oliver

Hi Mike,

I have a similar but different problem I need some assistance with. I have a slide with 12 objects that slide in from the top. The animation effect should only happen the first time the slide is visited which is the part I am now having trouble with. I have them all on the base layer and use animation for the motion. I also tried putting them on a separate layer and use a transition when the layer enters the  screen. I used the trigger described above to send the layer to the screen. Of course it happens every time the slide is visited. Any suggestions?

thank you!