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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Lauren,

Are you viewing Flash (Articulate Mobile Player) or HTML5 (Safari) output on the iPad? Also, when you view the course on a desktop, do you see the same behavior?

What version of Storyline are you using to publish? To find this information click on Help >> About Articulate Storyline. If you're not already running Update 5, please download the update, install, and republish your project.

If you still have trouble, please share the URL for your published project and possibly the .story file. We could take a look and see what's going on.


Lauren Pinto

Hi, yes I'm running on th emost recent update.  And yes, these slides do work properly on the computer (except that the navigation controls don't show on the PC).  This is being viewed and has been published as HTML5 and it lives in our LMS. 

If I can't find a fix to this, I will just have them jump to the slides.  I really liked the look of the lightbox, though.  It's so disappointing when cool features are so hard to re-create in HTML5.  I wish Articulate would step it's game up in this area!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Victoria! Do you experience the same behavior when you view your content in it's published environment? I'm not familiar with that platform to know expected behavior. 

Depending on how you are publishing, you can test your web content on Tempshare or your LMS content on SCORM Cloud if needed.

We would want to take a look at your .story file to assist of course.

Victoria Aleman

Hi Leslie - thanks for your reply.  To load a course for review in RME it is published to SCORM.

I also asked our contractors who also use RME for reviewing courses.  One of then indicated there is a potential for network lag time, especially if it's a very big course.

We're asking the stakeholders to consider splitting this course into two modules because it's a lot of information to absorb in one sitting to begin with, while hoping this will also help with this lightbox delay issue by decreasing the size of the file.

I'll test it in SCORM Cloud to see if it acts the same there.  Thanks!