Lightbox Slides

May 22, 2018

I am having trouble with the lightbox slides. 

I have no trouble creating the lightbox, but when the presentation continues, the slides I made as lightbox slides appear again. 

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Dave Ferguson


I'm wondering whether in some cases a slide you intend as a lightbox is next in sequence to a another slide that doesn't have anything to do with the lighbox.  Side 37 ("basics of hamster anatomy") comes right before slide 38 (intended as lightbox-only "definition of aluminum foil").

If a trigger on 37 is "next button -> next slide," then you'll hit that definition without meaning to.

Over the years, in various packages for online learning, I've tried to avoid "X goes to next slide / Y goes to previous."  Instead I make the link to a specific slide. (Prev: slide 14; Next,: slide 16).

If you do that, then you don't run into an accidental jump like the hamster / aluminum one.

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