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Judy Nollet

Hi, Sylvia,

The semi-transparent black frame is there to prevent users from interacting with the Player. That's a standard look, and Storyline doesn't provide other color options for that frame.

Options to consider instead of lightboxes: 

  • Put the content on a layer. You could give the layer a semi-transparent background, so the base shows through but is still dimmed and unclickable.
    • Unlike a lightbox, though, a layer can't cover the Player features. 
  • Jump to slide (without lightboxing it). Use its Slide Properties to remove Player features that you don't want to show. This lets you force the user to interact with the slide before giving them the option to return.
    • Unlike a lightbox, this won't show the base slide underneath. (Well, not unless you recreate it and cover it. But that's extra work, and, when necessary, you'd have to edit content in both places to ensure they match.)