Lightbox sometimes causes project to get stuck when previewing

Hi. I'm currently working on my first project in Storyline. It's currently 20 slides and I think the finished project will be around 30 slides.

Anyway, one of my slides is called Credits and provides info about me. I've created a link to it called "Credits" in the top-right of the player, so it's available at all times. I've also selected to show the slide in lightbox mode.

I've been previewing my project so far and I've been clicking the Credits link and opening/closing the Credits slide all throughout the preview, just as a test. I've noticed that usually when I close the Credits slide, the project resumes where it had left off.

However, I also noticed that in some cases, the project gets stuck. It doesn't resume where it left off after I close the Credits slide.

It seems like the project is getting stuck when I've clicked the Credits link at a time when a slide is changing layers, although I'm not sure that's why it's getting stuck.

I also think it's unlikely that most learners will be clicking the Credits link during the times the project is getting stuck — I've been clicking it every fifteen seconds or so and at times when a learner would be focused on interacting with the project. And the majority of the time, in my tests, the project does not get stuck.

However, I thought I would post about this situation here because I'm wondering if there is a way to prevent the project from getting stuck in all cases. Is there? Is there something I can do to prevent it from getting stuck entirely? Or is there some quirkiness to Storyline that makes it impossible to prevent the problem in all cases?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi D,

You mentioned they get "stuck" and it doesn't "resume to where it left off" - could you explain this part to me a bit further? Does the lightbox not close, or does Storyline just freeze, are they brought back to a slide they saw previously or advanced some how?

I think you're right, that most users won't click on it every fifteen seconds, but if it's something that could cause an issue we'd want to know about it. I believe based on your other recent threads, you're using Update 6 of Storyline - but I wanted to also check that you're following along with these guidelines in terms of best practices while working on Storyline.

D. Mirsky

Hi. I will try to explain better:

The lightbox side opens and closes with no problems. And Storyline doesn't freeze. But sometimes, when I close the lighbox slide, Storyline doesn't continue playing the timeline of the slide I had been viewing before opening the lightbox slide. Instead it displays where I'd left off, but doesn't keep playing the timeline.

Usually, the timeline does continue. For instance, I have some slides with audio narration and when I click to open the lightbox slide, the narration is paused; and when I close the lightbox slide, the narration continues.

But, as I said, in some causes the timeline pauses and then doesn't resume playing.

Is that clearer?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi D,

Thanks - that makes a bit more sense now, that the timeline itself seems to stop and doesn't continue playing. You mentioned it's only happening some times - have you been able to determine if it occurs under particular conditions? Would you be able to share a copy of your course here so that I could take a look and see how it behaves?

Natalie Wenzelow


I have the same issue as above. I have a slide with 2 layers and when my lightbox slide displays the layers don't resume after closing it. The buttons that show the layers get stuck and I can't click on anything. I am using the lightbox to tell the learner that they need to click all the buttons before they will be able to click next. I'm using Articulate Storyline 360.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Natalie,

Sorry to hear that you've run into a similar issue. We haven't seen any activity with this conversation in a while, so probably best to start anew with you.

Sounds like you are able to replicate the issue pretty consistently? Would you be able to share your .story file and point us to the problematic slide so that we can take a look?

Natalie Wenzelow

Hi Leslie,

I'm not able to publicly share my course, but could I send it to you privately somehow? It's happening on any slide that has buttons to click that show layers, one is slide 1.7 called "Disabling Damage" under the "Regulatory" scene. When clicking a button then clicking "next" the lightbox slide works, but when exiting it doesn't resume and the slide gets locked up.



Leslie McKerchie

Oh no Natalie, you must not have gotten my e-mail. I'm re-sending. Be sure to check your junk/spam folders too. 

Sorry about that, but looks like layers are what I suggested as well :)

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