Lightbox to Lightbox on Mobile Player

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday. Have a question for the community...

Using Storyline 360. Basically, I have a button that triggers/opens a lightbox slide. That lightbox slide also has a button that opens another lightbox. I needed to have the pop-up/ability to close that pop-up for both slides.

Everything works fine on a computer in Review and LMS with both HTML5 and flash. It's a seamless transition from one lightbox to the next and looks great.

However, when accessing the responsive player via phone (tested in safari and chrome mobile browsers) one of two scenarios occur at random:

1) After tapping the button on Lightbox 1, nothing happens and it looks like there is no trigger on the button at all.

2) After tapping the button on Lightbox 1, Lightbox 2 displays as it's supposed to, but you cannot close the lightbox at all. Tap all you want on the close button, nothing happens and even tapping the fullscreen button to return to the Review site where you can restart the course doesn't work. The Lightbox overlay still shows.

I have tried a few workarounds including creating a layer on Lightbox 1 such that clicking the button just shows a layer within the Lightbox, and that causes the course to time out/freeze. 

Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

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