Lightbox transparency

When a lightbox is open, the transparency allows the learner to see the prev/next buttons on the base layer. It is confusing to learners how to navigate or close the lightbox because of this. Is there a way to change the transparency or is there a way to disable the prev/next buttons on the base layer without creating a zillion triggers?

On my slide (attached), I have 5 buttons. Each button opens a lightbox. They do not have to visit all 5 buttons before moving on - navigation is free.


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Heather Pallaver

Hi Ashley,

My learners have this issue with and without the navigation within the lightbox. I should also note that I'm using the Modern player where the X is not prominent, like the red X in the classic player. The problem really lies with being able to see the prev/next buttons on the base layer.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Heather,

Ah, my apologies - I missed the words base layer in my initial read through. There isn't a way to hide those while a learner has a lightbox open but they aren't accessible on the main slide/player either. The learner would need to close the lightbox and then they could navigate forward/back using those.

I know a few folks have asked about changing colors within the modern player, so I can add your discussion to that feature request for changing the lightbox close button.