Lightbox video to change variable to change states.

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to get a specific behavior in my storyline (using Storyline 2) course and it's just not working for me.  So I have a video that I want to make sure everyone watches in full before they can move on to the next slide, this is the scenario I created:

Slide 1 - create button to launch video in a light box slide.  Created a second button with default state set to 'disabled'.

Slide 2 - embedded video in to slide.

And these are the two things I've tried:

  1. Created button to launch video in a lightbox slide, and then I was hoping it'd be easy to set the triggers for "change state of button 2" when "media completes", no dice, the trigger doesn't give me the video as an option because it's on a different slide.  So that didn't work.
  2. I created a variable counter 'vid_complete' with the initial value of 0 and then when the video finishes that counter is increased to 1.  I added the % vid_complete % var on both slides and I confirmed that the count is indeed going up to 1 at the end of the video.  So on Slide 1 I created a trigger, when var 'vid_complete' is changes (with a condition of equal to 1), then change the state of 'button 2' to 'normal'.  This didn't work either!

I'm really hoping someone can offer some guidance because I'd really like to avoid having to use button 1 to change the state of the button 2, because then I can't force anyone to watch the video.


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Michael Hinze

The trick is to launch the lightboxed video via a layer rather than directly by clicking the button. Then add a trigger to the layer's timeline that changes the state of the button when the timeline ends.

Here is a quick example, where I enable the Next button only when the lightboxed video was viewed completely

Alex Y

Hi Michael,

Ah I see, so you've built a pseudo light-box by using layers rather than using the default light-box slide option?

Awesome!  I'll give it a shot, in your example though I noticed that there's that grey video seekbar, is that the Storyline seekbar or the 'Show video controls" option for the video.  The reason I ask is because it's a read only seekbar and I can't figure out a way to make that video control seekbar read only.

Thanks again!