Lightboxed slides not read by JAWS screen reader

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has run into this. 

I have a lightboxed slide that I use for disclaimers. If I read through the content with JAWS, it continues to read the content on the slide that called the lightboxed slide rather than the content on that slide. If I tab with the lightboxed slide visible, it goes to the interactive elements on that slide but the JAWS reader only reads those interactive elements that I tab to them and then skips over the rest of the content.


  1. Use the down arrow key to step through the content paragraphs on the main slide.
  2. When I get to the object that calls the lightboxed slide, I press Enter to open the slide.
  3. The lightboxed slide appears. If I press the down arrow, it reads the next elements on the main slide. 
  4. If I press tab, it highlights the first interactive element on the lightboxed slide but I'm not able to get to the content on that slide.

Any ideas?



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Jo!

That is odd! I found that when the lightbox opens, I have to click "Enter" and then the down arrow for the Lightbox slide to read. Here's how I've set up my course. 

Would you mind sharing your file so I can see the set up of your course? You can attach it to this discussion by using the "Add Attachment" button.