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Apr 10, 2014

I have three buttons I created with Hover and Visited states. They reside in a layer and each has a trigger to open a lightbox. I created a trigger to change the state to Visited when the user clicks the button. Each button also has a trigger to open the lightbox. The lightbox trigger works but the State change doesn't work when I click the button but the does change when I mouse over the button after the first click.

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Steve Flowers

Hey Marty - 

I think lightboxes pause everything on the slide and closing the lightbox often doesn't result in what you'd expect. A couple of ways you might try to get around this:

1) Make the button open a layer. The layer contains a trigger to open the lightbox. [this might be the most reliable way to do this]

2) Make the button trigger a state change to another object. For example, an offstage object hidden by default that contains a trigger to open the lightbox and then hide itself. I haven't tested this method. The layer method seems to work for me.

Michael Hinze

I don't think you need the triggers that change the buttons to their Visited states at all. "Visited" is a built-in state and is triggered automatically when a button is clicked. See the attached file that (unless I misunderstood something) changes the button states without additional triggers and shows the lightboxes. Give it a try.

Nancy Woinoski

Marty King said:

Okay, I deleted the state change trigger and it still does not change states. It does sound like the lightbox opening delays the state change because when I mouseover each button the states change to visited. Maybe I will change the trigger to jumping to a slide instead of using a lightbox.

If you change it to jump to a slide instead of a lightbox it should work. I had to redo a design recently because I encountered this same issue with lightboxes and there was no other way around it.
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tanya,

When I preview the entire project, the "menu" button changes it state initially I see the hover, then the down state as I click on it, and then finally I return to the slide where it's looking like it's normal again - but I'm guessing it's in the visited state - both of them look the same to me when viewing your states tab. If I'm missing something, could you offer a bit more clarification? 

Tanya Trell

Hi Ashley,

Thank you very much for reply! I'm suprised, that when you preview my story the button changes its' states. When I preview it, the button gets stuck with hover state and never goes back.

Anyway, I already found a solution - I made 2 triggers on this button right before the it opens a lightbox: one to change its' state to down and another to change state to normal. So now I see a click and then button looks normal again and opens a lightbox.

Richie Hewitt

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I was having the same problem and couldn't get it working until I had a bit of a fiddle about with the order of the triggers. 

On the screen, I have added a transparent shape that the user clicks to open a lightbox. I've also add a caption which I wanted to change colour once the user has clicked the transparent shape (i.e. they've "visited" the lightbox). 

So my transparent shape has TWO triggers. The first to launch the lightbox, the second to change the colour of the caption. And it didn't work. 

So I "swapped" the two triggers round (only just noticed there are arrows for doing this, rather than deleting the 1st one and re-adding, d'oh!). Now it works! 

I'm guessing that if you open the lightbox from the first trigger, the other triggers are "forgotten" about.

I'm still new to Storyline, so apologies if I'm talking a lot of obvious rubbish here!

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