Lightboxes to Review Content

I’ve got a fairly long course with several sections, and each section includes a few quiz questions that appear at different points instead of at the end of each section. When a learner reaches a particular difficult quiz question, I want to offer them the opportunity to go back and review specific course content, without having to create a bunch of triggers for a new navigation path (return to review specific course content, for example two or three slides and then return back to that specific quiz question).

I found a method that I think will work using lightboxes to review previously covered course content, without leaving the quiz question. (I’m using a technique I learned from the Yukon Learning Blog ( The course I’m working on is perfect for this, but I also need a way to limit the number of slides the learner can review while in the lightbox. In this course, I have custom next navigation buttons. When the person clicks on the “need a hint” button I’ve placed on the quiz question, the trigger lightboxes the first slide that they need to review, and then they can click on the custom next navigation buttons to review the two or three content slides needed. However, they can continue clicking next until they reach the quiz question they are currently on, and the lightbox allows them to answer the quiz question, and then continue navigating the course within the lightbox. Is there a way that I can limit the learner to reviewing a specific number of slides within the lightbox?  Or is there a way I can prevent a quiz question from appearing within a lightbox?

I’m using Storyline 2.

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