Lightboxing a specific layer

New to using lightboxes, but am doing so to enable learners to revisit a content slide after answering a quiz question: the Correct and Incorrect layers of the quiz-question slide include triggers to lightbox the appropriate content-slide.  However, I'd like the learner to not only view the slide, but a specific layer on that slide.  Here's what I tried:

- Created Variable: "ReviewHood" with default value False.

- Created 2 Triggers on Question slide: "Adjust Variable ReviewHood to True when User Clicks Review Button" and "Lightbox Hood-Slide when User Clicks Review Button."

- Created a Trigger on the Hood-Slide: "Show layer Hood-Dimensions when Slide is Lightboxed AND Variable ReviewHood is Equal to True."

The lightboxing is working, but it seems to be showing all layers simultaneously (they all have animation, timed appearances/disappearances, etc. that work beautifully when viewing the slide in normal view, but when the slide is lightboxed, all layers seem be "playing" simultaneously).  This is far from even just showing the slide as it was designed, let alone only showing a specific layer on Lightbox!

Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance!


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Chris -- Thanks for reaching out, and I agree with Walt. It's typically a lot easier for others n the community to assist in they are able to take a look at a file you may already have started. Please feel free to upload your file via the grey ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box.

And for more general information on using lightboxes, please see below:

Hope that helps! :)


Chris Barnett

Thanks for the replies!  Unfortunately, the content isn't something I'm at liberty to post publicly, and it would be pretty time intensive to recreate the project with enough detail to duplicate the problems.  I was hoping someone with more lightbox experience had run into something similar (or achieved my goal a different way) and could share what worked for them.  I'll keep my fingers crossed and check out the links Christie shared in the meantime.