Likeart slides in storyline 360

Hi!  I want to start a course with a survey.  I have added likert slides and a results slide, but I´m not sure how it works. What do the students see after they answer the questions?  How can they know the results of the overall survey adding their responses to the others?  How do I get the responses as they each complete the course?  I´ve worked a lot with quizzes but don´t seem to grasp the survey option.

Thanks for your help!

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Christine Hounsham

Hi Ana, 

The likert surveys within Storyline allow you to poll individual course participants as part of the eLearning Scorm file.  Depending how you build your eLearning, you can pass each learners result to an LMS for capture against the learners record.  You can also customise content within the eLearning file, based on the individual learners survey results.  

To poll and display the aggregated results of multiple learners you can create a poll with an external software option and then display the live results within the eLearning by inserting as a Web Object. 

Alternatively a number of the big LMS have inbuild polling blocks.  Depending on course lesson: you could use an LMS polling block to do the class survey, and then include the eLearning module underneath. 

Hope this helps clarify.  Regards Christine