Likert Grading

Hi, I have inserted a likert survey into my storyline 360 course and although I know this type of survey typically is not a graded one, I am hoping there is a way to do one in a bespoke way.

I have 10 statements on one slide, to which the user will pick one of 4 radio buttons (between least likely and most likely). I would then like a results slide to display a bespoke message depending on the users cumulative score (least likely = 1pt, through to most likely = 4pts.

There would be 4 messages, each relative to a range of scores (between 10-20, ect).

Is this possible at all?

Thank you in advance.

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Traci P

Hi Ruth! Here is an example of a custom survey added to a slide. It gives different result messages depending on the average score.  Is it similar to what you are going for? I probably need to scrub the file a bit more, but I think it's ok to share.  It's manually set up, but I think it would actually be less steps to use sliders instead of radial buttons or icons. It might be hard to fit 10 of those on a slide though.

Do you need to get the survey result out of the course? I forgot to ask about the intent of it being "graded." You can definitely set up a custom "survey" add create different result messages. Getting that info out of your course is more work though.

Ruth Roan

Hi Traci, thank you so much for your reply. I don't need to track the survey results, it is purely for the benefit of the individual taking the course. I have attached the slide I have referenced in my post above for clarity as well as the corresponding messages id like to display to the user depending on their result. 

This is my first attempt at creating a course in storyline so your thoughts on what would be the best approach would be much appreciated! 

Thank you!


Traci P

Hi Ruth! You might get different responses to this, so just my opinion here. I don't think the survey component is going to be the best option to set this up. If you use the survey component it will be harder, if at all possible. (Again, others might have different recommendations.)

I think you might want to set this up manually by adding radial buttons and grouping each scale into its own button set. If you send me a copy of the slide you are working on I can get you started. Doing it in your template, means not having to rearrange due to size, font, color etc. later.