Likert results not pulling through correctly. Help!!

Jun 19, 2017


I have recently created a 4 slide likert survey with 4 questions per each slide in Articulate 2.

 When I export the results via our LMS it come through as ...


We have used Likert before in Quizmaker 09 and it publishes each likert response individually ( we have just updated it in the new software) Can anyone help me, so that I can get each individual likert response rather than it coming through as a big clump. It seems odd that new software wouldn't be able to do this, as the old software could.

Thanks in advance.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Helen!

Does your course include a survey results slide? That's what will report the data to your LMS. Once that data is compiled in the LMS database, there's really no limit to what kind of analysis you can perform (assuming the LMS grants access to the data)!  

Also, try testing the file in SCORM Cloud. It's a handy tool for LMS testing, and it's free! If you'd like some help with that, just attach your file here. If you'd like to keep it private, use this form instead.


Helen Gilbert

We don't normally use them, we had a set of questions created on Quizmaker that reported as you would expect a question slide.

But we wanted to change the questions for a different business area and have it sort of mobile compatible, so I just imported the slides over Storyline and now the results are pulling through but its pointless as there is so much manually work needed to make them appear as they used to quizmaker. I thought this would be a quick win. :-(

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