Likert Scale Jumps to a Slide Instead of Submitting the Interaction

Hi, whenever i try to create a likert scale, it links to another slide without any triggers. i've added a submit interaction trigger as well as exit course trigger when the user clicks on the submit button.

every time i do it all over, it somehow randomly links to 1 of the slides. 



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Christine Wett

I'm having the same issue in S2. I tried a new results slide, checked all the results slide options, inserted a new likert survey and results slide and no results. It keeps skipping the results slide and going to the next slide. The weird thing is I have a pre and post assessment and its only the pre-assessment that is having issues.

Christine Wett

I suspect I t has something to do with the red image in the slide view that looks like a little plunger - see pic attached. When I inserted a new test survey slide the red plunger icon moved from the original slide (1.2) to the new slide (1.3). Does anyone know what that image is?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Christine,

That little "plunger" is just scrunched in there so that you can't tell it's an arrow. Within Story view the arrows indicate what slides are connected to other slides, either through the direct link or in the instance of a results slide referencing particular question slides.

If your results slide is having difficulty, can you share a copy of the .story file here with us?