Likert Scale Using Radio Buttons and Variables - Calculation Problem (SL2)

Apr 28, 2015

Hi everyone. I'm working on adding a self-assessment to a project in SL2. I have created a fake likert scale with radio buttons and variables. On the results page, the participant should be able to see their results in some categories related to customer service. I have everything working but I came across a glitch. If the user clicks a radio button, it adds a score to a variable for that question's category. If they change their mind and click a different button in the button set, it adds that number to the variable as well. Therefore, in my results the total for that person will be too high. I realize that this isn't likely to happen often but it will be weird if it does. 

A couple of comments- I did see some other ways to do this in the threads like the pick one method. I went with my solution because I want to have multiple questions per slide (there are about 25 questions total) and the 25 questions are grouped into 5-6 different categories. 

I'm attaching a little sample with a couple of questions and the results in two categories. If you try to change your answer, you will see what I mean. Any advice is gratefully appreciated! 

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Parashuram Vhaval

Hello Heather,

Solution to your problem is little bit tricky.

I have made few adjustment in triggers for first five radio buttons in attached file. If you repeat same procedure for all your problem will be solved.

What I did in your file:

  1. You have added trigger to add value in variable %Reliability% on event of selecting any radio button, Instead I've changes those five variable, on clicking next button with condition if respective button is selected. e.g.-
    • Add 1.00 to Reliability when user clicks Next button If radio button1 is selected.

Note: Make sure Jump to next slide trigger is preset at the end of this series of trigger otherwise it will not work.

Parashuram Vhaval

Glad to know it worked for you Heather, and thanks Yusuf for bringing my attention to the gap in above file.

Heather when revisiting that likert slide you need to reset respective variable so that it wont add older values again. By this you are allowing user to retry this activity.

Here is another attachment with correction. :) 

Robert Dalton

Hey Folks,

I realize this post in a few years old but I am trying to replicate myself . I started off with a likert scale and tried to add values to each but it does not work so i went back to the radio buttons. The problem I have now is it will not let me select more than 1 button? I have 10 options and 8 questions - each option has a value 1-10 but they need to be able to select 1 button from each question of 8. It works on Parashurams file but not on mine? 

I put in 8 variables corresponding to the 8 questions so the results slide will show them the score on each but not being able to select a different button on each question means this will not work - ahhhhh

Help would be great folks,

Many many thanks,


Robert Dalton

Hey Folks,

Sorry I am back with another question :)

Everything is working fine on the interaction above - however if someone clicks on a button with a value of add 5 for example but then changes their mind before submitting and picks a value of 5 - the results slide will add the two values :(

Is there a condition I need to add and does this need to be added to all buttons? or can it be added to a button set? I have 160 buttons over two slides :( 8 questions x 10 choices per slide)

Apologies for not getting this but I am spending hours trying to figure it out.

Many Thanks once again,


Robert Dalton

Hi Alyssa,

I would be delighted if you could take a look, is there anyway of sending you the file as there is IP attached and its not ready to be shared just yet. But as soon as I get the go ahead I would be happy to share and save others the pain of including 160 radio buttons with attached variables :)

Kind Regards,


Robert Dalton

Hi Michael,

That's where I made the mistake, I added a value to each button. Oh Dear Jeasus, I have to change them all - haaa, I know what I will be doing tomorrow :)

As always - thanks folks. Super support forum.

I will send on the file once its finished and I get permission to share it :)

It will be worth it in the end :)


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