Likert Tooltip shows up in weird places in HTML5


Does anyone have a solution to dealing with naughty tooltips in the HTML5 output. The tooltips work well only for the options that are already rendered on the page, however, if I start scrolling, the rest of the tooltips either don't show up, or show up in weird places like the footer. See image for a better understanding. Is there a workaround or can I turn them off in any way?

likert wrong tooltip placement

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Attila,

I can't think of where that would be turned off - unless it's an element within the Likert survey set up itself, which would then turn it off for the entire question, not just the HTML5 output. I'm curious about where you're testing the HTML5 output though and seeing the behavior? Is this on your iPad, in the mobile player, chrome on your desktop, etc? Can you check that you're using one of the supported methods detailed here? 

We'd also be happy to take a look at your .story file or published output if you'd like to share it here with us.