Limit attempts to 2 for interactive screenshot 'try it' mode


After scouring the discussions, I have yet to uncover the answer I seek. Thanks in advance for any tips.

In storyline 2 I have an interactive screenshot where the learner is supposed to select the right button to click, and when this does not occur I intend to limit the number of user tries to 2 before moving on to next slide. My knowledge of variables is just forming, but I think the proper variables is the key.

Thank you kindly!!

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sandie coco

More info is needed. Are the wrong buttons actual buttons that are click-able? You need a way to track the incorrect tries with a variable. If incorrect buttons are actual objects, you can use states to determine if they were clicked. The states can then alter a variable.

Create a variable for "wrongTries" with Type as number and default value of 0. Each time the learner clicks on a wrong button, have the variable increment by 1.

Then you'll create a trigger to Jump to next slide when variable "wrongTries" = 2.