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Tim Shelton

I dont know how you have set up your file, so I cannot speak specifically for your case. However if I were to attempt something like this I'd do the following:

Left                               variable X                                 Right

1           2           3              [4]           5             6             7          

As you hit left it -1 and right +1 to variable X.

You have a graphic with 7 states each showing a progressive scroll. This way as the user clicks the image appears to move. 

Both triggers would need qualifying IF statements to say:

-1  IF X >= LeftLimit 

+1 IF X >= RightLimit

Hope this helps,

P.S.   Personally, I would suggest using a slider in storyline 2 to do this for you as it will change a variable between A-B and you can assign this to as many states you want and its a lot less trigger happy.