Limit on quiz size - limit on file size

I have a big question bank, more than 1000 multiple choice questions with feedback. The issue is that being a 32-bit program, Storyline just can't handle such a big file.

I'm trying to figure out a way around it, like exporting these questions to another authoring tool, since I already invested so much time in building it before I found this size limit. 

Exporting Storyline to Quizmaker, and then to adobe presenter would be a way, but unfortunately Quizmaker doesn't import questions from Storyline.

Any ideas?

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Fabio!

Thanks for reaching out here, and for sharing your insight on a need for a 64-bit version of Storyline! I've attached this thread to your feature request as well for our product team to review.

This topic has come up a few times before, and in case you're interested – I've compiled past discussions that pose a similar question (some include some helpful tips as well!):

I hope this helps, and we'll be here if you need anything else!